Kingdom Education

A union of business & education to glorify God, bring families together, provide superb education,
create revenue streams, employ people, and build community.

Who is Joshua Duncan?

With now 3 children of my own, I truly appreciate the role that education plays not just in the development of a child but in the future of a nation. Education is a piece of the puzzle that always leads to the rise and fall of society, and that excites me. I firmly believe that the “mountain of education” is especially dear to God and as such, I consider myself blessed to be able to serve Him in something of such importance. 

Kingdom Education is the partnership of education and business which together, answer many problems. 

  1. It takes responsibility and authority from the state and gives it back to the family.
  2. It provides children with an excellent education.
  3. It creates additional revenue streams for churches, businesses, and schools. 
  4. It creates jobs.
  5. It builds community.

Each one of these points can be expanded upon in much more detail (which is why you should book a chat with me), however, the bottom line is this: The world needs quality education now more than ever.

With every new season comes new challenges and this new season is one of collaboration. With the right partners, we can all rise together and glorify God while helping our children have a better future. 

It is truly an exciting time to be alive and to serve our Lord and Master!

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